The Effects of Pay Per Click Advertising...

…On a Shoe String Budget

It’s hard getting noticed online (I know!) and getting started when a lot of other business already have a solid foothold is even harder!

So I decided to try out google ads to see if I could get some leads to help out my emptying bank account. Problem was that I had very little money to invest in it, thankfully google offers a scalable budget to allow me to invest as much as I could afford!

When setting up the ad for my site, I tried a couple of different ad varieties such as a campaign targeted to get potential customers to call me directly, although I changed it shortly after as I doubt someone from america would be interested in paying to call some bloke from Belfast!

So in the end I opted for the website based ad campaign and set my region to the UK & Ireland, with a budget of £40, it’s been about a week since setting up the campaign and I have been charged £15 for a handful of clicks on the ad but have yet to get an actual interested viewer.

Whether this is down to the person accidentally clicking on the ad or not is up for debate but I feel that there should be a way to determine that so I am not paying for someone’s mistake!

In conclusion the results of the ad campaign so far are pretty rubbish but I guess that’s the nature of ads, no one really cares for them and why bother investing in someone who paid for their place on google when there are people who have earned their spot on the first page.

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