Pay Per Click (PPC) Belfast

Quick Setup, Quicker Results

Need sales? Why Wait!?

PPC marketing is a valuable marketing tactic to businesses looking to quickly gain a foothold online as investing in ppc advertising provides instant results enabling businesses old and new to gain customers quickly by competing on price for keywords and makes it easy to track the results enabling the marketer to accurately measure the results of the efforts made. We help our clients in Belfast & beyond to plan, setup & manage PPC strategies to grow their businesses online fast.

Quick returns, Wider Audience

Belfast Based PPC Services

Paid Search
Using Paid Search we help businesses generate traffic from people searching for their products or services. Paid Search advertising provides instant visibility in the search results making it a valuable marketing tactic particularly for new businesses as well as allowing older businesses to reach a new audience.

Display Advertising
Using Display advertising we help businesses deliver banner and video advertisements to their target audience across the web. DIsplay advertising is effective at generating awareness for businesses at the top of the purchase funnel.

We work with businesses to deliver remarketing campaigns that continue to reach the target audience and drive visitors back to the business’s website as they move through the purchase funnel.

How we provide PPC Services to you

Keyword research
We carry out keyword research to determine which searches customers are using to search for the products or services the business would like to sell as well as how competitors are using their ads. We then group these keywords into Ad Groups and Campaigns.

Ad Copy & Creative
Write ad copy for Paid Search ads or design banner ads for Display advertising and remarketing campaigns.