How long does it take to rank your site on google?

…it can take a while…

Hey folks! So you decide you wanna dominate your competitors in google, you buy your site, get everything set up, great… but then you realise you aren't shown up anywhere! You have your seo setup right and everything is fine from what you can see.

This is where google algorithms come in to play, you see, it tends to favor older sites that are updated frequently, so if you are a fresh business looking to get your first site up then you are out of luck!

The best Thing I can advise you to do is to optimise your site as much as you can possibly manage and try to update it monthly with fresh content. Over a period of 6-8 months you will eventually see your rankings increase for what you have optimised for and be well on your way to getting noticed!

Seo example #1 Seo example #2

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