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…The What, Why and How

Today we take a dive in to the world of digital marketing, first of all what is it a digital marketing agency provides to a business?

Well, quite simply it is performed through promotional channels such as the business' website to optimise it for users and allow it to be found much easier by potential clients. This is achieved via SEO in this case which is used to meet google standards for rankings by altering the content of the site (both visible and invisible to users) to give it a much easier time of ranking for terms relevant to the business.

Other avenues to achieve more potential customers is through social media and google advertising, this requires an investment from the client for an ad budget and then to create ads that are targeted at the audiences that are interested in the product/services being sold and use prime keywords & search phrases to make sure the ads get in front of potential customers.

However, this is slightly different for social media advertising such as facebook as the demographics and potential audiences are slightly different in that the age of the users are usually lower than through google and the means of targeting these individuals is done through using hashtags that are relevant to the ad itself, there is a lot more opportunity for visual ads with facebook in particular while google is slightly more limited in keeping the ads text based, more than likely to keep search times down and keep the ads on a level playing field.

I hope this has been insightful in to how things are done and why from a digital marketing standpoint.

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