Overlander Vehicles

Case Study

Overlander Vehicles

Overlander Vehicles was working on creating their brand with Part Two design and were looking in to options to increase their exposure online.

Brought in by Part Two for a meeting we had a conversation over their goals for the campaign and the results we would like to see from it.

Over the period of a number of weeks we had a back and forth on potential angles to take for the SEO campaign settling on a prioritised list of keywords they would like to target, following that we looked at how we could supplement the traffic with Google Ads to keep traffic going to the site while we worked on getting the SEO in place.

Over a period of a month or two we got the SEO in place and shifted the ad words towards gaps in the seo to allow us to tackle a large range of keywords without trying to spread the site content too thin. 

Overlander Vehicles - seo stats increase

As you can see above the traffic increase we have seen over months has been tremendous with over 4x the traffic coming to the site shortly after we got everything in place.

Upon reviewing the where we were getting traffic from, we saw that most of our traffic was coming from organic results. 

Overlander Vehicles - SEO Stats organic rankings