Part Two Design

Case Study

Part Two Design

Part two is a branding agency based in Belfast that focuses on engaging brand creation.

Founded in 2013 they setup a website and gained leads through their connections brought forward from the previous business they broke away from.

Looking at their competitors they grew interested in trying to compete on the Google search results but weren’t sure how to achieve that, in summer of 2018 we met up through a shared contact and discussed how we could bring them up to a competitive standard for organic rankings on Google.

Auditing the site we found that there was a great opportunity to improve on the content and backend of the site to make the site compete more effectively with Part Two’s competitors.

We soon got to work on streamlining the backend of their site over a period of a week.

Slowly but sure we saw the site’s ranking improve over the next few months as I continued to make changes to the site: 

Part Two Design - Search Engine Optimisation ExamplePart Two Design - Keyword SEO Example

Continuing work up to this day, Part Two have landed major clients through the efforts made on the site to get them competing for their keywords, expanding their reach beyond what they thought possible!

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