The Importance of Consistency

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Consistency is an important aspect of any SEO campaign, this is a bit of a dive in to why businesses need to remain consistent in their efforts to drive traffic to their site and how doing so will keep their site at the forefront of rankings.

Why do you need to remain consistent?

Google frequently updates their algorithm for determining which sites rank well and which don't daily up to 7 times per day, this can seem quite daunting for those looking to gain traction for their chosen keywords but by regularly making meaningful updates to the site you can remain ahead of competitors.

Although, realistically your competitors will be keeping their site content fresh as well, this is where the actual content being added becomes useful, for example: If your competitor is changing a few lines of their site every week to keep it updated, yes the site is technically remaining fresh but it is not adding useful content to the page. On the other side, if you were to be updating weekly but your updates were more substantial such as new service descriptions being added or possibly different products. You would slowly see your site gain higher traffic than the site of your competitor, solely because google sees your site adding content useful to its users while you competitor is not by comparison.

Does this mean I have to work on my site 24/7?

Although Google updates its algorithm around 7 times a day, that does not mean that you need to! Once a week is more than enough to remain manageable as well as keep up with other competitors for your keywords, the key is to not fall behind the updates as what may be the standard one week has risen the next, there have been situations where one month a keyword is ranked by blog pages informing users through guides, the next is populated by products pages. It is not likely to happen but by keeping your content up to date, you won't be taken by surprise.

Do I only update the page I want to rank?

Although it is a good idea to keep on top of your on-page SEO for the page you want to rank for a keyword, that does not mean that it should be the only page being optimised for SEO. Your site is considered a single entity with the pages being individual parts that make it up, by only focusing on a single page, the others will fall behind and drag everything else down. So when looking to rank your site, it is a good idea to make sure that your whole site is ready to rank and not just 1 page!

How long do I need to remain consistent for?

SEO takes time and to see the full impact of your consistency will more than likely take months to fully realise but the answer would be that your remain consistent as long as you want to remain relevant to Google, you may gain first page but if you slack overtime, the site will slowly decline in rankings, while sites that are keeping their consistency will take your place.

I hope this has given you the insight you need to decide if you are ready to invest in your site and see customers come to you.

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Posted in Digital Strategy, SEO Belfast on May 25, 2020