The Importance of SEO During COVID-19

SEO in Belfast During COVID-19

With over a million cases of the COVID-19, governments around the world have taken steps to limit how people interact. This has drastically changed how people engage with brands and do business on a massive scale. Businesses that know how to adjust to the changing marketplace using seo startegies will not only strengthen themselves now, but also set themselves up for success in the future.

Now is a great time to start SEO

Many businesses are currently facing a lack of brick and mortar presence and their site has not been properly setup with SEO in mind, this is causing them to be in a situation where they have lost a lot of potential clients/customers due to not having a proper online presence.

By starting SEO now you can prepare in the long term to generate sustainable traffic in organic search results that provide more potential for sales through their website, this takes time to achieve but allows businesses to grow their business online and connect with their user base easier as well as provide an additional avenue for sales outside of brick and mortar establishments.

SEO Takes Time

Having SEO started now allows your site to begin the process of achieving higher google page rankings which can take anywhere of up to 6+ months to see the full effect, although the process of SEO takes time the ROI gained can end up much higher than investing in Search Engine Marketing in the long term although if your business is eager for sales now this is also an excellent choide to begin ASAP to keep sales going in the short - midterm till SEO can start to take effect on your site.

You Are Losing Out to Your Competitors

Some of your competitors may already be invesitng in SEO for their site, by holding off on making that leap you are losing precious time to competitors as they have already made the steps to start ranking their pages on google, by cutting costs in marketing you are giving competitors free reign to claim the to spot on google for your industry, which if left, will make the time taken to properly compete that much larger and include more effort compared to starting now.

Businesses are losing their presence

As businesses work to remain relevant for their target customers throughout this pandemic, maintaining a strong digital presence through SEO and content marketing is one of the most important steps to take. As brick and mortar stores continue to find themselves forced to shut their doors and lost potential sales for products or services, digital marketing and ecommerce has become more important than ever. Customers are increasingly shifting their buying activity towards online options, and brands need to be present for these consumers.

In France, Statistics has shown that the traffic rates for online supermarkets have increased by 4%, online fashion merchants saw a 6.1% jump, and online pharmacies saw over a 15% jump since March 13, 2020.

Adobe found these trends to be mirrored in the United States, where the online purchase of over-the-counter medicines, food, and anti-viral protective equipment have all seen tremendous surges.

Consumers are turning to online markets to address their needs, which means that thriving businesses will be those ready to meet them with an excellent online experience and engaging content. Brands should also note that much of this growth has occurred on mobile devices, as smartphones and tablets have seen an incredible 50% growth in usage comparing March 2019 to March 2020.

Therefore, businesses should focus on creating high-quality content and digital experiences that will engage customers through mobile devices. A high-quality online experience will help you maximize your sales potential now and lay the foundation for future conversions by utilising relevant content.

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